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Steve Homer

As you can see the site is subtitled 'food odyssey' - I guess that if anyone in the world is entitled to use the term 'odyssey' after the Greek poet Homer's, 'The Odyssey' then it has to be one of his name sakes, and so I make no apology for laying claim to that immediate right.

A Brit by birth, and after a corporate life of over 30 years, I am a specialist international food photographer and food writer, based in south eastern area Spain in the wonderful province of Almeria. Whilst this area of Spain is little known for its gastronomy flair there are some interesting developments occurring here in and out of the kitchen, with some unique produce grown here and a lot of passion in everything food. On that basis, I'm sticking around to help out where necessary, and to take our corner of Spain to the rest of the world.

Whilst my background is primarily sales, marketing, and customer service, consulting to some of the world's top organisations, I have also developed skills in media work, i.e. audio visual, photography and website development (I should add too, that I have worked in the food industry - read on). All useful in the overall scheme of business and especially now when it comes to photographing food. As a result of these skills and with an in-built passion for all things gastronomic it was a natural progression to direct my life towards the promotion of cuisine in this area.

My first initiative was to launch my own online food magazineComida de Almeria (food of Almeria) – which which I ran for 18 months to 2 years. I don't profess to be an expert in anything culinary but I have learned a lot over the years, I mix with chefs and restaurateurs, and I have worked in the industry for 6 years at high level outside catering.

I'm thankful too for having had the opportunity to travel and work, during a variety of times, in 16 countries from the Far East to the Middle East and of course Europe. These business contracts have naturally allowed me to not only experience different cultures and meet a wide range of extra-ordinary people but to sample, first hand, authentic indigenous dishes of those countries. The learning experience is vast and I'd like to share some of the past culinary experiences with you, and of course those of future trips to come. It is natural that I shall start with my chosen home of Spain, and I'd like to think that we'll explore the area and its foods together – the good and the bad, through this site, my blog, recipes, tours and photographs.

I hope you enjoy this blog and if you'd like to explore foods with me, in future stay in touch through my regular newsletter, and I'll invite you to join one of my exclusive gastronomy tours.



Maria Virginia Chocarro Cerviño (Virginia)

In addition, I'm really delighted to introduce you to my colleague and associate Virginia, Maria Virginia Chocarro Cerviño to be exact - Virginia is a qualified translator/interpretor and tour guide with over 20 years experience in translation and interpretation and many years on the road as guide, particularly for cruise ship passengers - she has until recently specialised in the cultural tours and trips.....although, that will change as I know Virginia has a natural passion for anything gastronomic! :)

Virginia is a breath of fresh air within Sabor de Almeria and we have shared some fun tours and an equal passion for making guests happy. I can honestly say that I'm thrilled to work with her, and we are always looking to expand the range of tours and activities, and offer a greater variety of fun food experiences. Watch this space!

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